by Bleary Eyed

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recorded and mixed in march of 2017 by Tim Jordan and bleary eyed @ Big Mamas in Philadelphia, PA

mastered by: Scotty Leitch


released March 31, 2017

/"zeeke" was preformed by/
guitar/keys: Coby Haynes
drums: Ben Abrams
guitar/vox/keys/drums: Nathaniel Salfi
backing vox: Ivanna Berrios

songs written by: Nathaniel Salfi

"zeeke" art: Andrew Salfi

cassette art: Alexander Rudenshiold



all rights reserved


Bleary Eyed Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: chopped just fine
incase you wonder, why things are this way, ( i too ask myself)
incase you've stuttered, and held on to a moment too long
watch your past self, yell and fell warmth underneath your skin
ill reclude to the place, that we first met in

mom walking with her son
seven sitting worker men
old butcher will chop just fine
hopes his son will make it home
wedding ring left on the bus
headphones in keep to yourself
as you see him right her off
the ticking within all of us

you'll love us kuz you're number one !!
Track Name: diamond
ignore those guys you know they don't mean well, their private hell
follow yrself because you think you know whats best, a narcisist

felt my self drift through the walls into the hallway
felt your presence shake me standing high in the shower

back on top again rush of warmth, down yr arms
fall back and down and search for friends, in low places
get real close but you'll never really know them, untill the end
projected to sit alone and sleep in separate beds
Track Name: grassy field
i had the dream
where megan's head was in the fridge again
in an old house where, this presence came and told me
things are changing so "you best tighten ur grip"
just so you don't lose track of

i watched you sink through and through
those old floorboards
so daintily
and i swear that i
i watched u sink through and through
those old floor boards
so daintily
as i crept up the stairs i

saw you on the bed, turn back and look at me and i
knew with the deepest reverence that this is not a place
out to get me i've lived a life here in this grassy field
bring me back you held me, slapped me to my senses
and showed me that you love me.
Track Name: speaking just fine
a short walk to grab the mail i dont know i can leave here justified
our short talks the look behind their eyes i hope that one day ill leave here but they come with me

well go
if he really cares
well go
only if he really cares
i should send them a sign
i need them this way
take this as a sign
i wouldn't want it any other way

you'll breathe through me
walk with me
when i speak you'll be speaking just fine